TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder App Reviews

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This App. Is wonderful

I Love it

Go Pro! Its worth every penny

I record complicated lawyer converstions to be able to listen again. But now I even coach my sales team with the App. Once people listen to their own voice and hear their mistakes they learn fast.

Great for Non-Studio Recording

Only wish the quality was better but that isnt the fault of the program. It is the best solution for recording interviews without being inside a studio with a board and a computer.

Almost 5 stars

The interface is simple and works, no need for it to be complicated. He only thing I dont like is the challenge with sharing the file with another user that has the app, and allowing them to store he recording in their app too.

Works perfectly, great App

This application makes you record your call very easily. Had no problems so far. Highly suggest to get it in case you need to record important calls.

The best

I do qualitative research, so having this app means I can do interviews from my iphone. Works every time and the quality is far superior to anything from a landline recorder. I also use it to record conference calls so I can easily reference back to items I didnt catch in my notes. Highly recommended.

Great app

Easy to use, reliable, discret. Really Love it!


Love this app! Its great if I miss a training call... And I can record it too!

Love this App!

It is helping me learn how to streamline and perfect my pitch by being able to refer to prior conversations. Money well spent!

Very helpful app - sometimes sound quality issues

Love this app. Use it regularly and generally it works effortlessly and effectively. My only concern is sometimes the sound quality drops once I start recording. It can get a bit distorted and crackly. Overall a great app.

Better than ever

The recordings are saved in the cloud and accessible after phone upgrading and transfers. Awesome

Overall good but a glitch than acre you

App sometimes hangs and wont process recordings. Support says if it doesnt download in 24 hours they can maybe do something. Guess Herve never heard of deadlines

Great app

Easy to setup, easy to use, worth every penny

Great app!

Love this app and use it as a reporter regularly. It can sometimes make your voice sound a little unclear, like youre under water (Ive been told this by interviewees, and Ive also heard it myself in the playback,) but if that glitch were fixed this would be an easy 5/5.

Call recorder

Works real well. The only issue I have found so far is when you merge your call if you have the caller set up to pause and function to get thru a company directory you have to manually punch in the numbers or extensions. Otherwise it tapes clearly. Really good app

Very good

I wish the time from the call is placed and the merge time was quicker. Other than that the program is reliable, recordings are clear. Very impressed.

Over priced crap

Paid for it thinking Im getting a better quality recorder when in fact its one of the worst and yet most expensive waste of time !!


Very reliable and clear recordings - great for quality and verification purposes.

Bought the full app, still wont give me the full features!

Title says it all! What a rip-off!


It is a good app; however, wondering why cant it have a feature merge 3 calls to record. Thanks

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