TapeACall Pro - Call Recorder For Phone Calls App Reviews

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Not good at all

Tried recording some calls and cant listen to them at all

So so

You cannot forward recording. All you send is static noise. Plays fine only on my phone. Never get message emailed to me by them. Needs work big time

Always learning

Tape a call has helped me so much by allowing me to tape the call then return to the taped call and listen to it again. When listening the second time I have found that there were some things I missed the first time. Very pleased with the app!

Doesnt work on Virgin Mobile

As soon as you add a call, the calls effectively end.

Best conversation record app ever

Simple, fast and light. Fantastic app!

Love it!

TapeACall is exactly what I need for work and personal projects. Its easy to record and review calls. Sound is crystal clear -- even good enough for podcasts. The integration with Rev makes transcription a breeze, and other integrations make it easy to keep my calls organized.

BEWARE . . .

Right this minute, Im not too keen on their bedside manner, as in customer service. I found their on-screen instructions for taping a call to be easy to follow, but could find nothing about taping international calls - on app or website. The lack of information cost me $172.14, about which they sent a sad face emoji. Really not a good idea just as Im realizing that, as they said, "We have no control over that." And Im screwed.


The app works.

Great product!

Tape a call has been very effective in keeping accurate records in every aspect of my business. I highly recommend it, use it a little or a lot. Dont forget important dates, engagements, or even calls from the grandbabies. Store them as MP3s and keep them forever.


Best app for recording calls, just wish you could start it the same time as the call or before. without having to put the person on hold for a minute to set it up...

Bait and Switch

No doubt that this is deceptive advertising. When you buy the app, there is NO mention whatsoever that the pro version you purchase lasts only for one year. Very poor service. Be aware of this when you are comparing apps. I will NOT renew this subscription because of this poor advertising. Apple should be aware of this and I will be notifying them. Also my State AG.

Excellent App

Clear recordings! No problems

Tape a call

Love the app. The only problem is the ability to share with my friends what Ive recorded.


I recently made the decision to launch a highly produced, serialized documentary style podcast... of my life. Its first time doing anything like this. Consequently, ive spent hundreds of hours researching, downloading & trying SOOO MANY APPS & other tools needed to produce my Podcast. So trust me when I say that as far as recording phone calls for any reason, THIS IS THE ONE. GET IT. Recordings are clear, the interface clean and simple- no clutter, and if you suddenly realize you should be recording that special conversation well you can start recording during the call. My FAVORITE FEATURE is an in-app purchase that dictates every phone call of both parties. Thus allowing you to essentially "google" the exact call youre needing to find... I cant tell you just how many hours this has saved me.

Excellent app

Excellent app. Used to tape an informational interview. Easy to use, clear recording, and good downloading features. Worth the money.

Will not merge

After downloading the $9.99 app I read I must merge the calls to record. My merge button is not lit up rendering this unable to use. I wish there was a way to contact support for help.

Access number

What is the local access number of tanzania


This is a very easy app to use and they partner with transcribers if you need a written record of the call

Terrific App

I create podcasts of interviews with industry professionals. This application really makes it easy to quickly get the work done and the info into the hands of our listeners.


Awful app dysfunctional

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